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Learning About Energy

A Few Reasons To Make Your Next Car One That Runs On Propane

by Henri Brand

If you are getting ready to purchase a new vehicle, you may be surprised at the alternative fuels or energy source models in the showroom or direct from the manufacturer. It used to be you had to special order one of these vehicles or convert your gasoline-powered vehicle for the alternate fuel. Before you go with a regular, gasoline-powered car, consider some of the benefits of using propane instead.

Less Maintenance

Propane has less carbon and other contaminants than gasoline. It also has a higher octane level than gas. Together, these facts result in a cleaner burning in the engine, so parts do not get clogged or damaged as readily. Simple parts like spark plugs do not need to be changed as frequently because they do not become soiled or dirty with the soot from gasoline. In addition, it has been found that a propane-fueled engine can last twice as long as a gasoline-fueled engine.

Fuel Costs

A truck that runs on propane will get roughly the same mileage per gallon as one that runs on gasoline. However, since the price of propane is usually quite a bit less, you will be saving money. In addition, the majority of propane used in the U.S. is produced in North America. This means the price you pay for it is not going to rely on relationships with foreign countries.

Emissions and the Environment

If you are concerned at all with the harmful contaminants emitted when gasoline is burned in a vehicle, you should consider the fact that propane burns much cleaner and will not harm the environment. In addition, if there is ever a leak or spill of propane, the damage will be limited to the immediate area and will not seep into the ground causing environmental issues for years to come.

Propane is safer, less expensive, and cleaner than gasoline. Your vehicle will perform as well as if it were being run on gasoline. When you look at all the benefits of having a propane-powered engine there should be no debate as to which you should purchase. If you are concerned about finding a refueling station for a vehicle that runs on propane only, you can always purchase one that has two different tanks and systems. Use gasoline when you cannot find a propane station, and then switch over to propane once you have refueled. This way, you have the best of both fuel types. Talk to a company like Anderson's Propane for more information about how to obtain and safely store a sufficient amount of propane for your car.