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Learning About Energy

Things You Can Do To Help Save Money On Your Utility Bills

by Henri Brand

Nobody likes to pay bills, especially those monthly utility bills where there is no end in sight. You can stop freely giving money to those utility companies and lower your monthly bills by changing a few things you do at your home every day. See below for a list of things you can do to lower each of your monthly utility bills.

Water Bill

Your water bill may be the cheapest bill you have, but you can still lower it.

  • Take Faster Showers. If your shower time takes you more than 10-15 minutes, you're probably wasting water. Try getting everything done in your shower a little quicker. Invest in a low-flow shower head to help cut back on water usage. Also opt for showers rather than baths, which use less water.
  • Only Run Dishwasher/Washing Machine With Full Loads. When doing laundry, make sure you are filling the machine, rather than washing several small loads. Read through your owner's manual to see how much your machine can handle - you may be surprised. The same goes with your dishwasher. Only run it when it's completely full. If you never have a full load, start washing your dishes by hand instead.
  • Invest In Appliances That Use Less Water. Appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines that use less water will help save you money. Also invest in a tankless water heater that doesn't hold water the way a traditional water heater does. You can also invest in toilets that keep less water in the tanks and use less water when flushing, which can also help save you money.

Energy Bill

No, you don't have to sit in the dark to help save you money on this bill.

  • Unplug. Unplug items that you aren't using such as the hairdryer/curling iron, toaster, coffee pot, phone/technology chargers or any other item that you can unplug when you aren't using them. As for those empty outlets that are located on outside walls, you may want to child proof them or add insulation around them. These outlets may not be insulated behind them, which can mean heat/air loss
  • Give Your A/C Some Space. Be sure that your air conditioning unit can breathe. This means clearing the space around the unit so that air can get into the unit without the unit working over-time. Clear away plants and other debris so they do not block air flow to your unit. 

Gas Bill

  • Invest In A Programmable Thermostat. A programmable thermostat will help save you money on your gas bill (and energy bill) by allowing you to set the temperature depending on your daily schedule. You can turn it down during the day when you aren't home, or while you're sleeping as well.
  • Caulk Windows/Doors. Caulk your window and doors, and add weather stripping to your doors to help hold in your heat in the winter and keep cold air at bay. 
  • Invest In New Windows And Doors. New windows and doors that are energy efficient will help keep the heat/air in your home, while keeping cold (or hot) air outside where it belongs.
  • Add Attic Insulation. Adding insulation will also help keep your hot (and cold) air inside your home, rather than escaping through your roof. You can rent a blow-in insulation machine to add insulation yourself, or purchase rolls of insulation from your local hardware store.

Small changes can help save you money on your utility bills, as can the addition of energy efficient appliances, windows, and doors. Talk to your utility companies about other changes you can make to help save you money, and ask about discounts they may offer. 

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