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Learning About Energy

8 Propane Safety Tips For The Summer

by Henri Brand

As summer approaches, more people are dusting off their grills and preparing for the cookout season. Unfortunately, if your propane tank is not properly prepared and monitored, you could experience complications. To help ensure your cookouts go without a hitch, here are some propane safety tips to put into practice. 

  1. Read your owner's manual. Even if you are familiar with the grill and how to use the propane tanks, the manual can serve as a refresher. 
  2. Find the right location. A propane grill requires proper ventilation to avoid a buildup of carbon monoxide. Your grill should never be used indoors or near your home. 
  3. Check the connections. Even if your grill has not been moved or used, it is possible that the connections are not as secure as they need to be. To check for leaks, apply a soapy solution to each connection point and turn on the grill. If you notice bubbles, turn the grill off and schedule a repair immediately. 
  4. Install a heat shield. It is important to protect the propane tank's hoses from the heat. A heat shield can provide the protection needed from hot grease and the heat emitted from your grill.
  5. Skip the accelerants. Accelerants, such as lighter fluid, can combine with the gases from the tank and the grill's flames and cause a fire. You also need to avoid smoking near the grill.
  6. Limit use of the igniter switch. One of the worst mistakes you can make is to keep hitting the igniter switch. If the grill does not turn on right away and you continue to hit the switch, gas can build up and create a hazardous situation. Allow a couple of minutes between pushes to let the gas clear.
  7. Store extra tanks in a safe location. Ideally, the extra propane tanks should be stored in an area that is not frequented much. Heavy traffic around the tanks could lead to a mistake, such as a match being dropped near it. Find a shaded area outdoors to stash them.
  8. Tanks need to be left upright. A tank that is left lying down can leak liquid propane and create a hazardous situation. The tank should always stand vertically on a flat surface so that it cannot fall over. 

A propane dealer like Northwest Propane LLC can help you identify other areas in which you can use grilling safety tips to keep the probability of disaster to a minimum.