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Learning About Energy

The 4 Major Benefits Of Propane

by Henri Brand

If you are looking for an energy efficient alternative to gasoline and diesel, you would do well to give propane a try. This natural energy source has a host of benefits that you will enjoy, whether you are powering your home, business, vehicle or machinery. There are some propane sales professionals in your city that you can reach out to for a purchase, but before you do, consider these advantages to switching to propane

Benefit #1: Propane Is A Highly Efficient Fuel To Use

When you look into using a fuel that will give you the greatest efficiency possible, propane should get high consideration. For one, propane has a recovery time that is two-and-a-half times faster than electricity. Further, it is 30% cheaper, making it a fiscally responsible purchase as well. This efficiency is excellent both for your workforce and your overall operating budget.

Benefit #2: Propane Gets Better Fuel Economy

In terms of fuel economy, it doesn't get much better than propane when considering the alternatives. For example, in terms of octane ratings, propane typically ranges as high as 112, while the best gasoline only reaches 92 octane. This also allows propane to boast higher ratings in horsepower, while also receiving much better gas mileage. This fuel efficiency makes propane equipment and vehicles much easier to maintain and more durable over time.

Benefit #3: Propane Is Cleaner And Greener

In terms of cleanliness, propane is one of your best options. Investing in propane systems allows you to be mindful of the environment, while lowering your carbon footprint. Propane emits far less noxious fumes and emissions and is non-toxic, making it safe to use without fear of ground water or soil contamination.

Benefit #4: Propane Is Versatile

Regardless of what type of equipment or vehicle you have, chances are great that it will be compatible for propane use. Just a few examples of propane use include tankless hot water heaters, boilers, laundry systems, fireplaces and for heating the entire home. When getting a home heating system installed, you will save plenty of money, as propane home heating systems can lower your energy costs by 68%. Propane tankless hot water heaters enjoy efficiency levels up to 94%, while being 60% cheaper to operate. This allows you plenty of flexibility when considering how you want to use propane.

Consider these four benefits to see how propane can be incredibly useful to you. From there, reach out to a fuel sales company that can assist you.