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Learning About Energy

Manual Transfer Switches V. Automatic Transfer Switches

by Henri Brand

A generator is a great way to keep your home or business connected in the case of a power outage. All generators require a switch to operate. This switch alternates the building's power source between the main source of power and the generator. You have two main choices for transfer switches: a manual transfer switch or an automatic transfer switch

Manual Transfer Switch

Manual transfer switches are a simple way to set up your generator in the case of an emergency. It is much cheaper than the automatic option, and it requires very little maintenance. 

The main disadvantage to a manual transfer switch is that it requires more effort from the user. When the power goes out, you need to physically go out to the generator to connect it to the manual transfer switch. After you've connected the transfer switch to the generator, you will connect your home to the generator as opposed to the regular power. Once the power comes back on, you need to transfer the way of powering the home from the generator back to its main power supply. This process can be quite tedious and even dangerous in heavy rain and snow. 

The power will go out until you go out to the generator or the power comes back on. In most cases where power outages are rare and not powering important machines, a manual transfer switch is more than enough to keep yourself connected.

Automatic Transfer Switch

An automatic transfer switch makes the process much easier. When your power goes out, the automatic transfer switch will instantly start the generator. The switch will even turn off the generator when the power comes back on. You won't have to physically go to the generator at all! You also won't experience a disruption of power. 

Automatic transfer switches will have more problems than manual transfer switches. Sometimes these problems result in extensive electrical damage.  They also cost more and require more maintenance. They also provide voltage sensors and time delays. 

The cheaper, smaller, and easier to maintain manual transfer switch may seem sufficient, but there are certain situations where you would much prefer an automatic transfer switch. Places that experience power outages often should consider an automatic transfer switch, as  well as a business that could experience disastrous results if the power went out (such as a hospital, jail, or fire station). Automatic transfer switches also work great in a building where the generator is not easily accessible.