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Learning About Energy

Saving Money With LED Lighting In Your Business

by Henri Brand

Lighting is important and LED lighting is starting to appear in many places because of the advantages LED bulbs add to basic lighting. Even large buildings like warehouses and shipping docks can benefit from these lights.

Advantages of LED Lights

LED (light-emitting diodes) lights offer a lot of great advantages that you may want to use in your business. The intensity of the lights is much higher than standard lighting and many times these lights are adjustable so you can brighten or dim them as needed. Because of the brightness, the lights can be mounted high in the rafters and still provide the light needed for your building. 

The heat from LED lights is much lower than what you get from a standard light or a bright spotlight like some companies use in their loading docks or factory floor. If your business is in an area where the temperatures typically rise in the summer, keeping the heat from your lights low is a good way to help keep the building cooler. 

Cost of Operation

Another advantage of using LED lighting is that the cost of running LEDs is significant lower than a standard light bulb. Changing all the lights in your facility can reduce the cost of the lighting in your building significantly. LEDs have a much longer lifespan than other lights as well, saving you money on replacement bulbs for your fixtures.

Updating Your Existing Lights

One option to take advantage of the LED lighting available is to use bulbs that fit the existing light fixtures you have installed in your facility. There are also many upgraded lighting fixtures that offer added protection and durability for your bulbs and might be a better option in a manufacturing environment. 

Installing New Lighting

If you are considering LEDs for your building and want to change  the fixtures and get the most out of the lights, hiring an electrician to come and remove the old light fixtures and install new ones for you is a good place to start. Because the lights are so much brighter than the old ones you are removing, you may not need as many lights installed in the building. 

Talk with an electrician about the lights and see what they recommend for your space. If the electrician has experience with LED high bay lights, they will be able to help you select the right lights and position them so that they offer the best lighting possible for your production or manufacturing environment.