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Learning About Energy

3 Ways To Save Money On Solar System Installation

by Henri Brand

Solar panel installation is a smart way to cut your power bill. And they also increase the value of your home. However, some people shy away from solar panels because they think the initial investment is too high. Luckily, installation cost has gone down over the years, and there are proven ways you can reduce installation costs further. Are you considering solar system installation but are concerned about the cost? Here are three ways you can cut solar panel installation costs.

1. Get Multiple Quotes From Different Installers

The first way to cut solar panel installation costs is to shop around and get quotes from multiple solar installers. These companies know that they compete with each other, so they are often willing to offer lower prices to win you over. In addition, once they know you have talked to other installers, they may be more likely to quote a favorable price for the panels themselves. So do not be afraid to ask around and get a few different bids before making your final decision. Also, be sure to ask about the company's warranty policy in case anything goes wrong with your panels after they are installed. Once you have all the quotes in hand, you can then compare them and choose the company that offers the best price and terms.

2. Federal Tax Credit            

With the federal tax credit, you can deduct a certain amount of money from your taxes when you go solar. This can cut the initial installation prices. To capitalize on the federal tax credit, you need to confirm if you are eligible. Your best bet to do this is to consult with a qualified solar installer. They can tell you if you are eligible and how much you can save. If so, don't forget to keep all of your receipts and documentation. They will be handy when filing your taxes. 

3. Take Advantage of State and Local Incentives

Another way to save money during solar panel installation is to use state and local incentives. These incentives can come in the form of tax breaks, rebates, or even subsidized solar loan programs. And while the specifics vary, there are usually plenty of options available to help you save. So before you sign any contracts, be sure to do your research and see what is available in your location. With a little effort, you could end up saving yourself a sizable chunk of money.

The initial investment for solar panels can be a bit high, but there significant ways to minimize installation costs. Have you considered going solar? If not, now may be the time with all of these installation cost-saving opportunities available. Contact an experienced solar system installation company today to get started.

For more information on solar system installation, contact a professional near you.