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Learning About Energy

Energy-Efficient Air Compressors: Reducing Utility Costs

by Henri Brand

Reducing utility costs can be an environmentally responsible and fiscally necessary goal for small businesses. This is particularly true if your small business relies on air, which can be a significant source of energy consumption.

Here are some steps to take to save money on energy costs and reduce your business's environmental impact, by making the switch to energy-efficient air compressors.

Better Ratings for Better Savings

Air compressors, like many appliances and machines, are now rated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) based on their energy consumption. When switching to an energy-efficient air compressor, budgeting for the right machine can deliver the performance and energy savings you're looking for.

  • Higher EER: there are several ways to make air compressors more energy efficient. One of the most effective is to choose a compressor with a high energy efficiency ratio (EER). The EER is a measure of the compressor's energy efficiency, and compressors with a high EER will use less energy to produce the same amount of compressed air as a compressor with a low EER. Although EER is an important energy efficiency metric, you will also want a machine that meets the demands of your business. Contacting air compressor sales reps for a rundown of commercially available options can ensure you choose the best machine for your business's needs.
  • VSD: another way to increase energy efficiency is to use variable speed drive (VSD) technology. VSD compressors can adjust their speed and output to match the demand for compressed air, rather than always running at full capacity. This can lead to significant energy savings, especially in applications where the demand for compressed air varies throughout the day.
  • Oil-Free: oil lubricated compressors tend to consume more energy compared to oil-free compressors as they require energy to maintain the oil temperature, as well as to pump the oil around the compressor. Additionally, oil-free compressors tend to be more reliable, as they are less prone to breakdowns and require less maintenance.

Integrated Systems

Many small businesses are embracing automation to monitor, adjust, and control infrastructure to optimize performance and energy efficiency. Energy-efficient air compressors that integrate into an automated system can offer significant benefits.

  • Advanced Controls: many compressors are now equipped with advanced control systems that allow businesses to monitor and manage their energy consumption. These systems can be integrated with building management systems, which can provide real-time data on energy usage and identify opportunities for energy savings.

Proactive Maintenance

When considering your energy-efficient air compressor options, it's important to partner with a manufacturer that offers preventative maintenance and regular tune-ups for their compressors. This will help ensure that the compressors are running at peak efficiency and will extend the life of the compressor.

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