The 4 Major Benefits Of Propane

If you are looking for an energy efficient alternative to gasoline and diesel, you would do well to give propane a try. This natural energy source has a host of benefits that you will enjoy, whether you are powering your home, business, vehicle or machinery. There are some propane sales professionals in your city that you can reach out to for a purchase, but before you do, consider these advantages to switching to propane.  Benefit #1: Propane Is A Highly Efficient Fuel To Use When you look into using a fuel that will give you the greatest efficiency possible, propane should get high consideration. For one, propane has a recovery time that is two-and-a-half times faster than electricity. Further, it Read More

Four Different Kinds Of Light Bulbs And Why Each Is More Energy-Efficient Than The Last

If you are one of those people who walks into the light bulb aisle at the store and just stares endlessly at all of your options, then maybe you need a little more help deciphering the different labels and types of light bulbs. You may also be wondering why some are considered more energy efficient than others. The following information will help make better sense of that wall of bulbs in the store. Incandescent Bulbs Incandescent bulbs have officially been phased out and banned by the government. If you can still buy them or find them for sale somewhere, they are probably the last ones available. Because of the incandescent wiring inside, these bulbs consume more electricity than any other Read More

What Is The Deal With Diesels

There are so many different factors that come into buying a new vehicle. One of the most important choices that you can make as a consumer is if the engine will be gasoline or diesel. There are pros and cons to each of these different engines. There are a lot of different factors that will go into the decision of what type of engine you want. This article is going to outline a few of the facts about a diesel, and about diesel fuel itself.  The Price Of Diesel One of the biggest factors that could sway your decision is the price of diesel fuel. Now, ultimately, the prices of gasoline and diesel change, but lately the cost of diesel Read More

8 Propane Safety Tips For The Summer

As summer approaches, more people are dusting off their grills and preparing for the cookout season. Unfortunately, if your propane tank is not properly prepared and monitored, you could experience complications. To help ensure your cookouts go without a hitch, here are some propane safety tips to put into practice.  Read your owner’s manual. Even if you are familiar with the grill and how to use the propane tanks, the manual can serve as a refresher.  Find the right location. A propane grill requires proper ventilation to avoid a buildup of carbon monoxide. Your grill should never be used indoors or near your home.  Check the connections. Even if your grill has not been moved or used, it is possible Read More